Exhibition: Color over the Border

Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021 from 10:00am to 4:00pm


Color over the Border showcases the work of Madelline Vicencio, a Houston native and emerging muralist. At the Czech Center Museum, the conservation of Czech history and art is of most importance. Taken by the idea, Madelline Vicencio’s mural celebrates the representation of culture and immigration. Influenced by her own background as a first generation Mexican American, she has always been motivated to empower inclusivity and cultural representation within her art.

While a student at the University of Houston, she has found ways to incorporate illustrative lines and vibrant colors to symbolize the universal appeal of diversity. Her work takes a fresh approach to neo-expressionism by manipulating recognizable images of playful floral patterns, decorative ornaments, and landscape with the radiancy and bold style of folk art. Vicencio has also taken on the task of developing an interactive experience to further attract museum guests.

The migration timeline shares a narrative about an evolution of traditional garments paired with vintage to modern fashion. While around the corner, the Hluboka castle wall utilizes its large space to draw literal perspective into an immersive scenery. Color over the Border serves to encapsulate all that the Czech Center represents in terms of enlightening new generations on culture, discovering unique ways to characterize the Czech Republic, and collaborating with the Houston community to exemplify diversity in the US.

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