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Cascade Caverns

Cascade Caverns
226 Cascade Caverns Road

Carved beneath the Texas Hill Country, a world of natural beauty awaits you.

Cascade Caverns was discovered by the Lipan Apache in the 1700s as evidenced by artifacts and a cave fireplace. Kendall County youth in the 1840s rediscovered the cave and carved their initials in stalactites in the Caverns' first room. Local stories about what was then called "Hester's Cave" after the owner, were adapted into a German language novel that was published in the 1870s and later translated into English. Although not commercially operated until the early 1930s, Cascade Caverns is the first of the six Texas cave attractions to have been discovered and has been entertaining folks ever since. Patrick Swayze even spent some time in our Cave for the filming of his 1990s movie Father Hood.

Your guided one-hour tour will take you through corridor after corridor of timeless beauty in its cool, comfortable 64 degree natural environment.

Still from "Father Hood"

A million years in the making, it will challenge your imagination. Witness the creation of beautiful cave formations on your tour as Cascade Caverns is one of the only "living'" caves in Texas. Millions of glistening drops of water decorate the Diamond Ceiling. Home to several unusual animals including Cliff and Leopard Frogs, Eastern Pipistrelle Bats, and Cascade Cavern Salamanders. Cascade Caverns is an "up close and personal" kind of cave.

Come witness the mystery and wonder of Cascade Caverns.

Don't Forget Your Camera!

The beauty of this living cavern makes it one of Texas' finest caverns. And don't forget your camera. Cascade Caverns is a vacation experience you and your family will remember for years.

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