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Thrillvania Haunted House Park

Thrillvania Haunted House Park
2330 County Road 138

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And Verdun Manor has quite a history! According to legend, Verdun Manor was the home of a werewolf, Baron Michael Verdun, and his vampire wife, Lady Cassandra. Herein lies the dark and twisted tale that led to the haunting of Verdun Manor and the nearly 50 acres surrounding it

It all began in 1901, when the construction of a strange, twisted structure began to emerge adjacent to an old plantation cemetery. The Antebellum style Manor, the creation of a psychopathic scientist, Baron Michael Verdun, and his vampire wife Lady Cassandra D'Arque, quickly became the subject of horrifying rumors and much speculation. Baron Verdun brought in foreign workers to dig deep cellars and wild stories began to circulate about Verdun exhuming the dead for more space, or perhaps, some darker purpose. When the manor was finished, all the workers disappeared overnight, which further fueled the rumors. Some say their spirits still haunt the grounds of Verdun Manor

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