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The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre
2308 Shakespeare Road

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Although Odessa is recognized as the center of oil exploration and production in Texas, the city has a number of attractions that have nothing at all to do with oil and gas. The most surprising of these are the replicas of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Anne Hathaway's Cottage on the campus of Odessa College. ¨ ¨Built in the 1960's, the Globe Theatre is a non-profit organization presenting classical and modern plays using an Elizabethan stage. Bringing a bit of British flair to the West Texas landscape is this replica of the original Globe Theatre, the home of William Shakespeare's acting company in England. ¨ ¨The 410-seat octagonal theater was the brainchild of a local teacher and Shakespearean scholar, Mrs. Marjorie Morris, who wanted a proper showcase in which to present the Bard's Plays. The Globe hosts community theater performances, monthly country-western shows called The Brand New Opree, and other community activities. The Anne Hathaway Library next door, a replica of the cottage in which Shakespeares wife lived, houses displays of special interest to Shakespeares fans.

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