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The George W. Bush Childhood Home

The George W. Bush Childhood Home
1412 West Ohio Avenue

The Bush Childhood Home at 1412 W. Ohio Avenue is approximately 1400 square feet and largely unchanged since 1956. During Phase I of the Project, the Home's architectural details were be restored to the 1951 to late 1955 period when the Bush Family lived on Ohio Avenue. This small home is fully interpreted, leaving no space for offices, exhibits, ticketing, a classroom for school tours, a gift shop or an orientation theater. A neighboring home was purchased to serve as administrative offices, temporary education center and Gift Shop and a parking lot was leased from the nearby church.

Artists conceptual sketch of the George W. Bush childhood home

Phase II includes acquiring two other neighborhood homes and designing a new 4,000 square foot Visitors Center and Exhibit Gallery. The site will be landscaped to retain a sense of neighborhood, while incorporating appropriate signage and pathways.

History & Research

The George W. Bush Childhood Home Project has been developed with the leadership and support of friends who grew up with the President and First Lady in Midland. The following are interviews from some of those special friends.

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