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Texarkana ISD Virtual Academy

3201 Lincoln Avenue
888- 361-2635

About Texarkana ISD Virtual Academy

Established in 1889, Texarkana Independent School District has a proud history of providing quality education to students. It is our belief that the future of our community, state, and nation hinges on the quality of the students being educated by our school system. In a report to the Board of Education in 1919, the TISD Superintendent of Schools echoed the same philosophy we adhere to today:

“Whatever the community is to be in the next decade, the school must make it. The Texarkana of today must determine what the Texarkana of tomorrow is to be by declaring what kind of school it will have. A broadly conceived system of education is a good investment for any community, no matter what it costs, and for Texarkana the investment in good schools will pay a hundredfold.”

The community of Texarkana has a long history of strong support for public education and TISD. That support continues strong today.

District Philosophy

All students can learn and are expected to learn. The education of our youth is a shared responsibility of the school, the family, and the community. All groups should be focused on the pursuit of excellence in education.

Mission Statement

“Texarkana Independent School District will provide an exceptional education for all learners in a quality environment which nurtures the intellectual, social, cultural and physical development of each student’s overall well-being.”

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