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Shaylah Dame Skate Park

Shaylah Dame Skate Park
1600 Gattis School Road

The 14,000 sq.ft. Shaylah Dame Skate Park is located at 1600 Gattis School Road behind the Clay Madsen Recreation Center. There is a bowl and and street component. Admission is free.

6 am – 11 pm daily.

This is YOUR park. Please respect it and keep it clean.  Destruction of the park, fences, and other park amenities is unlawful and will result in closure of the skate park.

Please dispose of your trash in the trash receptacles provided; if litter continues to be left on the ground around the skate park, the Parks & Recreation Dept. will close the park to the public.  The City has provided one recycling receptacle at the South end of the park near the gate–Please recycle Aluminum and Plastics!

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