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Museum Of The American Railroad

Museum Of The American Railroad
6455 Page Street


The Museum of the American Railroad exists to share the rich history and heritage, as well as current and future developments of the institution of the American Railroad through artistic, cultural, and educational programming.


The development and prosperity of our nation are inextricably tied to the railroad.  The Museum of the American Railroad is a 50-year old collecting institution with a long history of providing quality educational and entertaining experiences to over 3 million visitors from around the world.  We continue to realize our mission of preserving and presenting our priceless collection of trains, while pursuing our vision of becoming the preeminent museum of transportation in the Southwest. 

The museum seeks to add context to the lives of present and future generations by creating an understanding of the challenges and achievements of our past.  This is accomplished through educational programming that focuses on history and social studies as well as the science & technology of railroads.  Interpretation of the collection focuses on the railroad’s influence on the spread of cultures and growth of our nation.  Emphasis is placed on providing an interactive encounter with history that inspires youngsters to learn more about their past and develop problem-solving skills for their future.  Programs not only address the past, but seek to explore the role of railroads in meeting today’s transportation needs.  We also endeavor to foster an appreciation of the arts through diverse exhibits and programs that are inclusive of the visual and performing arts.

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