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Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

Lake Bob Sandlin State Park
341 State Park Road 2117

Lake Bob Sandlin State Park is a 639.8-acre park located on the heavily wooded shoreline on the north side of the 9,400-acre Lake Bob Sandlin, southeast of Mount Pleasant in Titus County. It was acquired in 1979 and was opened in 1987.

There is evidence of prehistoric Caddoan people, who occupied East Texas from 200 B.C. to 1700 A.D. The French and Spanish periodically occupied the area, establishing relations with the Caddo. Choctaw, Cherokee and Kickapoo moved into East Texas in the late 18th to early 19th century. By 1841, Fort Sherman, a wooden stockade whose site is believed to be in or near the park, was established. The Fort Sherman cemetery is located in the park. Since 1860, the land has been used for farming and ranching.

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