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Gabe Nesbitt Skate Park

Gabe Nesbitt Skate Park
7001 Eldorado Parkway

The skate park has elements for all skill levels, including three bowls, street elements, more than 30,000 square feet of concrete and shaded seating for spectators.

 - Loitering in the park outside of open hours is prohibited. Skatepark will close if wet or raining.
 - This park is designed for skateboards, scooters and inline skates only. Bicycles and motorized vehicles are not allowed.
 - No personal ramps or rails are allowed.
 - Safety equipment is highly recommended, including helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and proper shoes.
 - Adult supervision for skaters younger than 10 years old. Use at your own risk. Know your abilities and skate within them. Be mindful of others.
 - The use of wax is not allowed.
 - Only one person per skateboard.
 - Abide by the flow in open areas. Only one person on a (bowl) at a time.
 - Alcohol, tobacco products and illegal substances are not allowed.
 - Dispose of all trash properly. Please keep all food, drinks and glass out of the skating area.
 - Help keep your skatepark clean by using the trash cans.
 - Competitive or demonstration events are not allowed without prior approval of the McKinney Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department.
 - Graffiti, tagging, littering, stickers or other items are not allowed in the skate park. Graffiti/vandalism of the skate park will result in a minimum 48 hour facility closure.
 - This facility is used by both experienced and inexperienced skaters. Serious injury may result from being hit by a skateboard, falling or colliding. The City does not assume responsibility for injuries—Skating is at your own risk
 - Infractions of the above rules may result in loss of skating privileges.

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