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Fireman's Park

Fireman's Park
910 North Park Street

From the establishment of Firemans Park in 1884 the citizens have enjoyed an open space that had been a memorable experience for community affairs as well as family events. In 1884, the Fire Department used their own funds to purchase the site of Firemans Park. Firemans Park was eventually given by the Fire Department to the City of Brenham on March 14, 1917 "for cancellation of the department's indebtedness to the city." The Park was originally used by the Fire Department for their sponsoring of the Maifest Celebration from 1881 until 1941. Today, it is still the site for our Maifest Celebration as well home to Finke Pavilion, our newly renovated Antique Carousel, and the baseball stadium which has received national recognition through the years. Cited as being "one of the nicest high school ballparks in America" it has witnessed major league and semiprofessional league action. Amenities at Firemans Park include the following:

 - Firemans Kitchen
 - Firemans Park Baseball Field (Home of the  - Brenham Cubs)
 - Antique Carousel
 - Firemans Rock Room
 - Finke Pavilion
 - Veteran Memorial Plaza
 - Greenwade Field (Little League)
 - Skate Park
 - Playground Areas
 - Picnic Areas

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