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Eastwood Skatepark

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One of Houston’s first master-planned subdivisions took form as Eastwood, an area of neatly laid out streets lined with early-Twentieth Century bungalows and trees east of downtown. In 1916, the City of Houston acquired a 10.8-acre site on Harrisburg Boulevard and established Eastwood Park.

A well-loved recreation spot for decades, the park underwent extensive renovation in the 1970s, necessitated by a fire at the Eastwood Community Center. Repairs and additions to the building were planned by William T. Cannady Associates, Architects, along with a new swimming pool complex, renovation to the park ball field and a new concession stand, a second tennis court, and renovated play equipment, picnic tables, and barbeque grills. City Council appropriated $1,268,000 to cover the costs.

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