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African American Museum

African American Museum
3536 Grand Avenue


The African American Museum is an institution dedicated to the research, identification, selection, acquisition, presentation and preservation of visual art forms and historical documents that relate to the African American Community.

The collections of the Museum combined with its related activities will serve to assist all people to understand the African-American Experience… with emphasis on Dallas and the Southwestern United States. As a repository of the African-American Experience, we affirm the following purposes:

 - To be a living cultural institution that presents and interprets the diversity of enrichment of the African-American Experience, values and life-style to the greater community.

 - To be an instrument of education by offering meaningful programs, workshops, lectures and other educational services that increase the awareness and understanding of the African-American Experience.

 - To be a museum of history, which seeks to cultivate, preserve and tell the story of growth, development and contribution of the African-American community to American life.

 - To be a museum of art that encourages, fosters and promotes developing and recognize visual art forms and artists which enhance the life of the African-American and general community.

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